Bespoke web design at very low cost
Bespoke web design at very low cost

Product Options

These are the following base options. They are only start points for your bespoke project:

Brochure Website - Bespoke website design starting at £500 (+ annual hosting)

Yes, a professional bespoke web design for £500 plus annual hosting including a domain name of your choice.

We are passionate about web technology and our ability to provide high quality websites at a very low cost.

We are very open about our costs and in order to keep the cost so low we identify what is provided for the minimum cost and the price of additional services.

By structuring costs this way we maintain a very low entry cost for those that do not need a more complex site.
brochure website

Bespoke website design where you can add content, starting at £700 (+ annual hosting).

A professional bespoke web design where the client is in control of the key content starting at £700 plus annual hosting including a domain name of your choice.

All of the information relating to the bespoke 'Brochure Website', applies to this website option. There is one key difference and that is that you the client can make amendments to the key content on the site.

What are some reasons for wanting to do that?

  • Content Marketing - Providing regular valuable information that starts to build a relationship between you and your clients.
  • Updating stock information on your site, making what you have to sell available to search engines and clients.
  • Writing a blog. Keep clients up to date with what you are doing. This helps with SEO.
self update brochure website

Web Based Application

A brochure website will provide the same pages with the same information unless you the client or the web designer updates it. A website application will do something different every time it is visited.

Server side programming makes this possible.

Think of all the major applications built with web based technologies built on the internet today; Ebay, Facebook, Hotmail, etc. are all examples of very large and complex web based applications.

Surely nothing like this is applicable to you? Not so!

The internet is full of a rich set of development tools that enable small companies like ours to build our customers applications that enhance the way they do business.

What will this cost? Every project is different. Our application development rate is £30 per hour. Application development necessitates different project management methods and therefore the smallest application development exercise is likely to start at £700.

Some examples could be:
  • Forms based data capture.
  • An online and secure facility for administering a club with a database back end.
  • Allow the administrator to upload photos and descriptive text - great for vendors selling goods where they want to place pictures alongside text.
  • Access to all sorts of web based data for further analysis and presentation.
  • Mathematical problem analysis or grammatical translation.
The list is endless..
self update brochure website

Hosting Options

Our hosting starts at £60 per year and we do everything that is necessary to register domains and host the sites we provide. We also provide email services.

We are not a generic supplier of hosting. We only host what we create.

We have a price structure for our hosting services that is designed to minimise the costs for clients who are simply hosting a small website.

For your Blue Engine website, you have the following hosting options:

Hosting Option Cost Information
Hosting a website via http £60 per year Includes domain name but has no email associated with the account.
Hosting a website via http £68 per year Includes .com domain name but has no email associated with the account.

Additional options are as follows:

Option Cost
SSL certificate
https: rather than http:
£25 per year per domain
Up to 10 email addresses e.g. sales@­your­ set up. £25 per year
Email redirect.
Anything@­your­ redirects email to another email address e.g. you@­
£10 per year
Hosting secure area £25 per year
DNS changes to integrate 3rd part app £20 per year
Additional domain names £12 per year for
£14 per year for .uk
£20 per year for .com

Note that in all cases this assumes that traffic to your website fits within the 'normal use' parameters. i.e. not applications with such a high usage such that a virtual or dedicated server is required.

All prices subject to change.
self update brochure website
View our tariff, hosting and domain prices in more detail as a pdf.

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