Are you a looking to build a website?
There are many website development companies.
Why should you choose Blue Engine?
Blue Engine Web Development
It's a very price sensitive and competitive market...
We have to provide bespoke websites that are STYLISH and CONTEMPORARY at a very low price.
How do we do this?
low cost websites
Firstly we manage our costs.
We have no salesmen or account managers.
And no swish glass fronted office with a receptionist who makes you coffee.
No problem, I can make coffee!
low cost websites
Secondly, we are fanatical about finding ways of developing sites that speed up the development time.
This process is constantly evolving; what we can provide for very modest cost keeps getting better.
low cost websites
RESPONSIVE DESIGN makes our websites look good on all types of devices.
Our websites pass the GOOGLE MOBILE-FRIENDLY Test.
Google Mobile-Friendly Test
Google Mobile-Friendly Test
Good SEO is vital
We build in good SEO practice as we develop your site!
Our background is in software development.
As well as providing stylish brochureware sites, we also have produced very niche scientific, engineering and language translation applications.
engineering websites
If you are interested in discussing your requirements;
Get in touch today - 01380 830633
Blue Engine Web Development
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Bespoke Development Services
Stylish, effective, mobile conformant, websites

quote managed service I want to work with you and to be involved with the design process.

My website needs to be unique to my brand, purpose built.

I need a website development company that can work through this with me and create something special.

Alternatively, if you do not want to be involved in the design process, as long as you get a website that is stylish and effective, gets you found on Google and brings business via the web.

Take a look at our Managed Website Service

Bespoke website design and develop­ment

Perhaps you are starting a new business or have been trading for some time. Possibly you are running a club or society that wants to advertise your presence on the internet. Our web design service starts at £500 (+ £60 hosting per annum) and represents tremendous value for money.

You may have the time, want to be involved with the design process and talk through your ideas on structure and layout. You want something unique to your brand, purpose built.

Before you make a decision about which web design company to use, take a look at the work of many companies and critically review what you are getting for the money.

Ignore hype and form your own opinion about which represents the best value. We believe that in these terms, what we offer is unlikely to be beaten. Many clients have said that what we have provided for £500 at least equates to what other local companies are charging £1000 + for.

We do everything that is necessary to register domains and host the sites we provide. We also provide email services. We are not a generic supplier of hosting or email services. We only host what we create.
desktop and iphone with websites

Application prog­ramm­ing

Sites that are not simply informational but have some element of software that runs on the server are our forte. Web pages supporting application features are produced by software that is installed on a server and accessed via a web browser on a PC, phone or a tablet from anywhere with an internet connection. We can create websites that surpass pages of static content; from the creation of contact forms, to complex bespoke web applications with features that put you above your competitors.

We have 30+ years experience of software development with many different software methodologies. We take time to listen to your requirements and work with you to develop a specification that represents your ideas. We then pick a development approach to suit your project, which may involve extending existing applications, re-using GPL code or starting from scratch. Testing takes place as we work and at the module and system level.

When your application is live, we are available to support and extend your software.

When we design applications we always consider:
  • Performance
  • Extensibility
  • Security
  • Scalability
desktop and iphone with websites

Search Engine Optimis­ation

When websites are designed, it's just as important to make them attractive to search engines as the people reading them. We build sites that are optimised for search engines from the ground up. We work with each client to determine how best to attract customers via search engines. Subsequently, Google analytics can be added to your site to ensure that we/you can evaluate its performance over time. In some cases we then make slight tuning adjustments.

No-one can guarantee a specific search engine position. Search engines like Google are complex pieces of software with ever changing algorithms. However, we are very proud of some of our search engine results. We spend time with our clients and explain in simple terms how search engines work, what we can do to improve results and what the client can do himself.
Search Engine Optimisation
Blue Engine Web Development

01380 830633

Website design and development; Westbury, Trowbridge, Warminster, Frome, and Devizes, Wiltshire and Somerset.

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Bespoke Web Development Services

Providing websites for local customers in Westbury, Trowbridge, Warminster, Frome, and Devizes, as well as for customers throughout Wiltshire, Somerset and UK wide.