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Content Marketing:

It's more than showcasing your products or services...

Content Marketing

A new approach to marketing

Yes - your website should be the definitive source of easily accessible product information for your clients but it also must be the vehicle by which you demonstrate professionalism, technical and product knowledge and appear to be a more compelling firm to do business with when compared to your competitors.

It is an incredibly effective way to differentiate your products and services and position both product led and professional services firms.

If you are serious about your business then you should take it upon yourself to create and publish information for your target clients that is valuable to them.

Consumers filter traditional marketing. They use their Digital Video Recorder to avoid television adverts, often turn over the pages containing magazine advertising, and are so adept at surfing on the web that they can absorb online information without being distracted by banners or buttons.

Companies often publish a large amount of information - it's just that it is not often relevant to the reader. That’s why content marketing so compelling in today’s environment of information overload. Good content marketing makes a person take notice and behave differently.

Don't take our word for it, Google 'Content Marketing' or put 'Content Marketing' into a You Tube search box and read about all the firms that have successfully used this approach.

For more information about Content Marketing, take a look at this Content Marketing article on Wikipedia.

If you have a website today, and you want to use content marketing practices, you have two choices with Blue Engine. You can write the content and we can insert it into your website or you can add it to your website yourself.
Content Marketing

Recent Websites

ASF Waterproofing Ltd.

ASF Waterproofing; Specialist waterproofing services for the Construction, Engineering and Tunnelling industries.

  • Crack Injection and Concrete Repairs
  • Installation of Sheet Waterproofing Membranes
  • Spray Applied Waterproofing Membranes
ASF Waterproofing has a comprehensive health and safety management system and and is ISO 9001 accredited.
ASF Waterproofing
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